Version française en extension .pdf dans le lien suivant : J-10.

I cannot write articles properly about my exchange year or about Montreal as long as I am in France (apart from my preparations for leaving, which might become slightly boring to read). So there will be only a few short remarks in this post.

Ten days more and I will be in Montreal. I am very excited but I must admit that I am not really ready.*

For instance, I have just heard that my French mobile phone will be unlikely compatible with Canadian operators (in fact, only 2 operators accept that I use their SIM card with my unlocked phone; and I do not know if this plan is the cheapest). Second, my parents decided to interfere in the issue of housing and it is becoming increasingly more complicated even if it already was complicated before (we had an argument over this few minutes ago!**)… And what about packing? (an other Sciences Po student coming in McGill took a picture of his numerous luggage, but I am allowed to take two bags only)

My French mobile phone. Not a supertelephone with a wonderful tactile screen, not a basic telephone with twelve buttons. Disliked by most Canadian mobile operators.

As you noticed, this blog is bilingual: each post is written either in French or in English, then a PDF file is added and translates the post in the other language. I do not know whether this will happen in the whole next year (perhaps the blog will become unilingual if I am fed up with translating each post… in French or in English?).


Céline Galipeau is the main anchor of the Téléjournal de 22 heures on Radio-Canada (which is the French-speaking TV and radio public network in Canada)

Finally, the following information is aimed at French readers. If you want to get news in France from Canada, you will probably read some websites such as LaPresse.ca, LeDevoir.com, CBC.ca/news or TheGlobeAndMail.com… But you can also find news without using the Internet!

  • Television: TV5 Monde broadcasts Le Téléjournal de 22 heures of Radio-Canada, everyday at 7 a.m. (CET). Be careful: you will not find TV5 in the digital terrestrial service TNT, but only if you get TV by satellite or ADSL (channel #25 in Freebox, etc).
  • Radio: France Info broadcasts a news bulletin of Radio-Canada, every night at 1.15 a.m. (CET). Its FM frequency is 105.5 in most French cities.
*This article seems to be a plagiarism of many posts about preparations for leaving (cf Ailleurs dans le monde and other blogs about Sciences Po exchange year). But I am convinced that my case is particularly complicated (cf following star).
**Actually, I have been having argues with my parents since I can speak. But this exchange year makes my parents totally crazy.
NB: There were some grammatical mistakes but they are not corrected. Thanks to DJ!



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