This term is over!

The semester ended three hours ago, when I finished the final exam for Foreign Policy: Asia.

If you want to know how I am feeling right now, you may listen to this song:

[vimeo 24654271]

For sure, I am tired. So as soon as this article will be published, I will fall in my bed and sleep.

I intended to write a complementary report of the exam period (how difficult it is to review a whole semester in an afternoon, why I carried a translation dictionary, when I came in the courses reserves room everyday, why it is nice to stay in the library overnight). But then I remembered that you did not need to know each tiny detail of my procrastination study time.

Okay, so just some miscellaneous facts:

  • I found out a news bulletin edited by Global network. Just look at the webpage. It is a Canadian TV news bulletin, but the anchor speaks neither French nor English (nor in Italian). Every day at 10 pm (Eastern Time).
  • Do you want to know what slush is? There is slush, slush everywhere in Montreal. It is like dirty wet snow, so that sidewalks and roads become cold fens. Indeed, at the temperature is varying between -1°C and 1°C, snow is melting and re-freezing almost all the time. Maybe a special article will cover this topic.
  • A leadership election will take place in April 2013 for the Liberal Party of Canada. Two of the main candidates are MP for a constituency in Montreal: Marc Garneau (Westmount – Ville-Marie) and Justin Trudeau (Papineau). The LPC used to be the dominant federal party in Canada (over the last 50 years it ruled Canada during 33 years), but in 2006 it became the Official Opposition, and in 2011 the LPC fell to the third-party status.
  • The library is currently almost deserted. It will close on Friday.
  • I will spend my winter vacations in New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.
This kind of slush is okay. Sometimes there are "mini glacial lakes" around sidewalks.

This kind of slush is okay. Sometimes there are « mini glacial lakes » around sidewalks.

The next semester will begin on 2013 January 7. But do not worry: you will be able to read newly pressed posts on this blog!

PW – The Migratory Martlet


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