A Canadian astronaut

Canada has an astronaut. Chris Hadfield, 53, is currently in space.

He has been commanding the Expedition 35 in the International Space Station since December 2012 (and he is the first Canadian to command the ISS). A graduate in mechanical engineering and a former fighter pilot, Hadfield had taken part to two space missions since his recruitment as an astronaut in 1992.

Commander Hadfield has a Twitter account; and he uses to share breathtaking pictures while living in orbit :

(no need to post more tweets; you can look at @Cmdr_Hadfield on Twitter)

Overall, Hadfield is very active on social media. You can look at his blog, while he often holds video conservations:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=W1lkeM6YoqU]

There are currently three acting Canadian astronauts: besides Hadfield, Jeremy R. Hansen and David Saint-Jacques are still active. All three are members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Also, there are several retired astronauts. The first Canadian in outer space was Marc Garneau in 1983; after his retirement from military and space activities, he entered in politics and became a federal MP.

Their operations are managed by the Canadian Space Agency. Its headquarter is located at Longueuil, on the southern shore of the Saint Lawrence River (at a few kilometers from Montreal).

The CSA is also involved in several other space projects (e.g. international research projects on astronomy and climate science; satellite design, …). For example, Canada has developed technology in robotic arms since 1981. The robotic arm of the ISS is made in Canada : Canadarm !

PW – The Migratory Martlet

OK, I admit that this has nothing to do with my experience of exchange student; but I thought that it would have been a pity if I have not shown you these pictures! (it seems that French astronauts do not report their activities on Twitter…)


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